• Is A 32 Inch TV Big Enough For A Bedroom?
    By: Tyler C.

    Many times, a 32 inch TV will not be large enough for a living room. It really depends on the size of the room. In a small living room with just a single sofa, it may be enough. Most modern living rooms are quite large, though, because of the current popularity of open-cencpet floor plans. Even if you will be sitting close to the television, it will still look very small in a room that is a combination of a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. You should buy something larger so that people can all see what is happening on the TV without straining their eyes.

    In a bedroom, though, a 32 inch TV will often be perfect. You do not need a larger screen because you are probably only going to have a few yards of space between you and the television. If you are just lying on your bed with the TV on the wall at the opposite end, it will be big enough. This is even true in most master bedrooms. The only way that this would not work would be if you have a huge bedroom with a couch in it; then, you may need something larger that can be seen from the couch.

    A 32 inch TV is also good for a bedroom because you will probably only have one or two people watching it at one time. This means that you can both be close to it. You can position it in such a way that it is easily visible. This is harder to do in a living room because you have to move the set back away from the seating so that many people can all see it at once. This makes it so that you need a larger set so that all of those people can see with ease.

    Again, it all depends on the layout of the home and the size of the room. However, you can be fairly sure that a 32 inch TV will be perfect for almost any bedroom. If you are buying one for yourself or as a present, this is the size to buy.

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